Best in Class Reviews for the Westchester, New York, Podiatrist

“Dr Rosenzweig and his lovely staff are wonderful, very professional and well organized.  I was asked to check in early for my appointment, which I did.  Not only was I seen on time, but the doctor brought me back to my appointment 5 minutes early, took x-rays, answered all my questions and did a thorough exam, explaining all my options clearly.  He provided helpful ssuggestions and did not try to sell me on anything, just gave me the information needed to make an informed decision.  Although foot surgery was recommended to me (I was hoping to avoid it) the outcome was a success and healing was rapid.  I was in and out in 30 minutes for my consultation, of which almost the entire time was spent with the doctor.  The surgery the next day was fast and painless. This office really sets a higher standard for medical care, I wish all offices were run like Performance!  Highly recommended!” ~ RateMds

“Dr. Rosenzweig is not only the most professional and experienced podiatrist I have ever had the pleasure working with, he is patient, kind and extremely supportive. His support staff is also an incredible pleasure: efficient and hard working and totally takes care of the insurance process!” ~ YELP

“A year ago after repeated visits to another podiatrist in Westchester for my Plantar Fasciitis with no results (just said to lose weight, yet my weight hadn’t changed in 10 years), I was referred to Dr. Rosenzweig of  by a co-worker and he’s a miracle-worker! He aggressively treated the problem with a shot, a boot and orthotics and thankfully a year later I’m still pain free (I had to pay out of pocket for the orthotics as my insurance wouldn’t pay but it was worth every penny). Follow up visits for my orthotics were professional and resolved the problem. He’s honest, straightforward, and will not just scoff and give you a blow-off answer.” ~ ZocDoc

“Exceptional professionalism by both Dr. Rosenzweig  and his staff. Needed to get my son’s foot looked at quickly by a sports medicine specialist podiatrist and his staff
was just WONDERFUL and accomodating. Dr. Rosenzweig was very kind, efficient and my son felt very comfortable with him. He took a child conservative and friendly approach to the problem with easy solutions that helped him immediately!  Lucky to have him here in our Westchester, NY, area.” ~ Vitals

“Dr. David Rosenzweigs is the best podiatrist ever! He is personable, knowledgeable and gets right down to business. I saw him in November for an infected ingrown toenail. I got an appointment with him right away. He went over the options with me and fixed me up fast.” ~ RateMDs

“Doctor Rosenzweig was very informative with my foot condition and explained what treatment was the best course to take. Looking forward to my follow up appointment and paining free walking ~CitySearch

“I saw several podiatrists / foot surgeons before Dr. Rosenzweig for pain and numbness in my foot. He set me up with orthotics that took care of the problem completely. I like his office because I can get in there fast if I am having a problem.   The doc I was seeing before was frequently booked out for 2 months which meant spending waaay too long in pain when the orthotic didn’t fit properly.  At Dr. Rosenzweig”s you will find an efficient and cheery office and a gifted foot surgeon.” ~ Yelp

“Getting treatment at the Westchester foot surgeon’s office was a wonderful experience; the staff was kind and professional and had us in a room within minutes and seeing the foot doctor was just as quick and better still he was confident and reassuring with great bedside manner. I recommend Dr.Rosenzweig to anyone needing a great podiatrist.” ~ ZocDoc

“Sometimes when rating businesses and writing reviews, I am unsure about how many stars to give. However, Dr. Rosenzweig has clearly earned 5 stars. As a fellow surgeon, I was very impressed. I had an in grown toe nail which I brilliantly tried to manage myself…Anyway, a few months later, I called his office when it became clear that I don’t know much about podiatry. I was able to schedule an appointment in a day or two. The office was efficiently run with friendly staff. They were clearly busy but I was in a clinic room within 5 mins of my appt time. Dr. Rosenzweig was clearly knowledgeable, technically skilled, and compassionate. He managed by problem effectively. I was also walked out of his office within 35 mins of arriving (this included having a minor procedure with local anesthetic). Amazing! This business is highly recommended to anyone needing a podiatrist in Westchester, New York.” ~ RateMds

“I just finished several months of treatment for nerve damage in my foot which has been chronic for a few years. Doctor Rosenzweig has worked his magic and I’m pain free! We tried a couple of approaches and with his expert guidance and patience has made my dream come true! He and his wonderful staff have made my frequent appointments very easy and everyone has been super friendly. I have insurance and have to pay my co-pay but I would gladly pay in full any amount to not have foot pain!  This office rocks! Thank you!” ~ Vitals

“I’m a professional athlete. I work on my feet. I trust Dr Rosenzweig to keep me in the game. I think one of the best parts of his practice is his footside manner. I was dealing with some chronic pain and he was very methodical, encouraging, and conservative in his treatment. Also, it’s a happy office. All the staff seem competent and cheery. One of the first things he ever said to me was. “You do not have to walk around in pain. If you have a problem, come in. We can probably help you.” My advice to Yelpers is, do not walk around in pain. You can feel confident in this Sports Medicine specialists care.” ~ ZocDoc

“Dr. Rosenzweig is a terrific Podiatrist, person and colleague. I value his long time dedication to understanding, and teaching the art of Foot and Ankle Biomechanics. As a Podiatrist myself I often call him for last minute advice about very complex foot problems that I am trying to treat with an orthotic device. He is always available and patient when counseling me and helping me make the best orthotics for my own patients. I am happy he is such a great person. I would highly recommend him as a top Westchester Podiatrist.” ~ CitySearch

“I was beyond impressed with the attention to my issue. My foot issue was explained very well along with what I’d need to do. I was given options based on cost. Referrals to good shoe stores and quality shoes were provided as well. Handouts were ready which kept me from having to take notes. Along with that, I was very impressed that Dr. Rosenzweig also realized that his prescription of not exercising in a manner that caused more trouble for my feet didn’t fit my normal regimen.  I was also given all the time needed for explaining my path to healing. He gets 5 stars for competency and for caring.” ~ CitySearch

To make an appointment with David P. Rosenzweig, Board Certified in Podiatric Surgery, please contact the Podiatrist at his Rye Brook (Westchester County) office:

Advanced Footcare Center
90 South Ridge Street
(Westchester County)
Rye Brook, New York 10573
T: (914) 937-7077